Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, I'd hoped to pen a new boast this year, one that glorified the defeat of the N1H1 virus, but since I'm still trying to get caught up on all of my required paperwork, I'll have to settle for a reprint of last year's ditty.

Here it is, for those of you who need to see a sample. As always, I can't wait to hear what you will write: I am always amazed and gratified by your work...

The Battle with Phoenix

1. Hail, harriers, followers of Mercury and Nike!
2. I am Laura, daughter of two, sister of four, wife of one, aunt to many.

3. On this historic day I stand amidst legions
4. All engaged in the same battle,
5. But each of us fighting our own epic struggle
6. Against the paved-concrete current.

7. Gallons of body-salt glistened in anticipation of this day,
8. Sunrise and sunset, the solitary observers of
9. Measured footfalls across many miles.
10. Distance, speed, tempo, hills, cross, rest:
11. These weapons stockpiled and stored.

12. Other days, other challengers,
13. Rose against me:
14. Orlando, Dallas, Memphis, Chicago, Las Vegas.
15. Worthy competitors were they all,
16. But none so daunting as to stop
17. The flight of fleet feet traveling afar,
18. Across 26.2 miles of hills and flatlands alike.

19. Legendary Phoenix, time and time again you rise from the ashes
20. Immemorial, invincible and immortal.
21. But the race that bears your name will fall
22. To my strength, to my skill, to my persistence,
23. Step by step by step.