Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Oh Lord, Berta... Berta... Oh Lord, gal..."

Today's in-class essay asked you to discuss the complexities of your 20th century novel, to move beyond an obvious or superficial reading of the text and to examine it on a more subtle, a more critical, level.

Tonight I ask you to apply the same type of thinking to August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson." In your blog post, describe three different complexities that were revealed to you throughout the play. Use specific details from the play to back your assertions.

Also, use your post to respond to the comments of your classmates. If one of the Katies or Kates posted something that you agree with, respond to that (Like Katie, I thought that Doaker represented...). If one of the Dylans/Dillons posted something that you had never even considered before, comment upon that! If you find the observations of "one who shall not be named" to be tragically misguided, argue (gently and with all of the compassion you can muster, knowing that your observations are open to criticism as well...) against that perspective, offering something else instead.

Got it? Good! Now get to work...

OH, don't forget to include your name in your response. No name, no credit, no bueno.